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Testimonials for Joey and Phil Levy

Reviews and testimonials from our real estate clients.

Phil Levy and Joey Levy were extremely effective and competent in fulfilling my real estate needs. I would highly recommend both individuals to anyone in search of a qualified real estate professional. Throughout the entire process of searching, finding , negotiating and closing of my new home, both men were extremely patient, helpful and insightful for every step of the process. I felt completely comfortable relying on their knowledge to educate me on the market essentials and to guide me through the negotiating process. I knew they always had my best interest at heart.
We recently had the pleasure of working with Phil and Joey Levy who assisted us in selling our home. Among real estate agents, I can't imagine working with anyone who could surpass them in 'going the extra mile'. They are knowledgeable about market conditions and quick to response to any and all questions we might have had along the way. I would highly recommend them if you are in the market to buy or sell a home!
~Brad and Margaret Marcoe
We recently had the opportunity to work with Phil and Joey Levy in the sale of our property in Valencia, CA. Prior to speaking with Phil, we thought there were two aspects to this sale that would be problematic. The first was that the house was tenant occupied and secondly, since we had moved out of the area, this would be a long distance transaction that would require some blind trust. Our first concern was mitigated by the skilled and considerate manner in which Phil and Joey were able to deal with the needs of the tenant as she transitioned out while at the same time keeping the sale of the property as the primary focus. As for our second concern, we found that Phil’s competency in preparing a sales strategy and marketing plan coupled with his frequent and timely communication went a long way to make us lose our fear of conducting the sale transactions from out of town. Throughout the negotiations, Phil was very skilled in making appropriate counters and keeping us all on the same page. If you are looking for a competent agent that is also considerate and communicative, then we highly recommend Phil and Joey. Our entire experience was so painless it was almost enjoyable.
~Lee and DIane
Thanks to Phil and Joey Levy’s efforts I was able to successfully short sale a vacant property. This property was formerly tenant occupied by a smoker and was cosmetically in rather poor condition. Approval was needed from two different lenders further complicating and delaying the process. Between the property’s condition and lenders’ delays several buyers cancelled their agreements even further delaying the process. But Phil and Joey were extremely persistent at staying on top of the process, escalating the short sale process when needed and finding new buyers. Their pricing recommendations were always consistent with the market and then validated by the lenders valuations and the buyers’ appraisals. Throughout this process Phil was always readily accessible to discuss the situation and keep me updated. I truly appreciate their strenuous efforts on my behalf and it is my great pleasure to recommend these professionals to anyone seeking technically competent assistance with their real estate matters.
~Mike C.
We have been very impressed with Phil & Joey Levy. They helped us look at all areas, and too many homes to count, in the Santa Clarita Valley. Their team approach is awesome. We would drive by a listed property, and then call Phil to schedule a listing. If Phil was not available, Joey would be available to meet us at the showing. They were always punctual and allowed us to spend as much time as necessary to see the home.

Once we found a house that we wanted to purchase, Phil was very detailed in showing us the true market value of the home. We made offers on two different properties. On was overpriced, and the sellers would not reduce their price. Phil definitely saved us for overpaying on this one. The second offer placed, Phil advised us to offer $15,000 less than the listing price, and we ended up purchasing it for $10,000 less.

Phil also does an awesome job in overseeing the closing process. He is very detail oriented and did not miss anything. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

Thanks to Phil and Joey, our dreams are coming true.
~Mark, Elena and Nathan Hartzell
I would like to thank Phil and Joey Levy for the exceptional job they did selling our house at 26136 Galvez Ct., Valencia, CA 91355.

Throughout all aspects of our relationship, from marketing expertise, communication, and service level, before, during and after the closing, I find his performance excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend Phil to anyone I know that could use his services.
~Amy LaBrecque and Neil Kleeger, Valencia, CA
Many times, during the course of our lives, we take for granted details of tasks which we do not (hopefully) engage in every day. We don’t necessarily put much thought into them, perceiving them to be not difficult since people “do it every day,” until we find ourselves navigating the process like a child feeling their way in the dark.
Finding a new home is one of these tasks, as my fiancée and I have recently discovered. While moving is never fun, this last move was especially difficult for us since we were relocating cross-country, to California from New York.

Aside from the obvious disadvantage of being in the position where we had to persue homes based upon pictures and without physically seeing them in person, we very quickly discovered that the California Real Estate market was very competitive as we often encountered homes that we liked enough to consider, only to see them taken the same day they were listed. Additionally, we were unfamiliar with the neighborhoods, traffic trends, and local laws of the land.

With all these obstacles and on top of that all the scams out there these days, it was important to find someone with integrity who could help us find a place to live. We were very lucky to find Phil Levy, who partners with his son Joey in the real estate business, while searching for homes.

Phil got us connected to his automatic search mechanism that allowed us to select prospective areas we wanted to look in, price range, number of bedrooms & bathrooms, places that accepted pets, as well as other search criteria, and automatically emailed properties complete with pictures and data sheets daily. He also sent police data and crime statistics about the neighborhood for each house we expressed interest in.

As it happened, we ended up finding a home that was not represented by Phil, yet he was still happy to check out the owner and the history of the property, even though he knew there would be no commission involved for him.

We could not have been happier with Phil’s efforts in helping us find a place to live, and if we ever need to move again, Phil will be the first person we call. We highly recommend Phil to anyone who needs to buy, sell, or rent a home and we will pass his name on to all our friends in that regard.

Good luck with your house hunting, and trust Phil Levy to provide insightful and professional service with the utmost integrity.
~Kevin and Suzy
I have had an enjoyable and beneficial professional relationship working with Phil and Joey Levy. They have brought a high level of professionalism to our relationship as well as a thorough understanding of the Southern California real estate market. Phil's experience in business and finance set him apart from other agents I have worked with.

Their customer service has been fantastic as well. They have been constantly on the lookout for new properties. Phone calls are returned promptly and they have excellent communication skills.
~Mike E.
I would like to thank PHil and Joey Levy for the exceptional job they did selling our house at 26136 Galvez Ct., Valencia, CA 91355.
Throughout all aspects of our relationship, from marketing expertise, communication, and service level, before, during and after the closing, I find his performance excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend Phil to anyone I know that could use his services.
~Amy LaBrecque and Neil Kleeger, Valencia, CA
I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent level of service we received from you as our representing agent for the sale of our property. As you guided us through the complicated and sometimes daunting process of selling a home, I became aware of your thoroughness, care, knowledge of the field and high standard of ethics. Moreover, I felt a really open and sincere relationship developed in which I could freely share any concerns or doubts. There were some tough decisions to
be made in the process and you always provided a balanced and experienced perspective while making it clear that the decisions were mine to make. Your level of thoroughness and care even extended to assisting me in clearing the property of a large and difficult to sell item—a ceramic kiln, so that the property would be ready for the new owners. I really appreciated the way you treated this extra help as an enjoyable and interesting adventure rather than an extra burden.

I can say unequivocally that it was an enjoyable experience working with you on the sale of my house and I look forward to recommending you to any family or friends who would need your services.
~John Marcus
What appeared to be a simple sale [of my house] at the start so many months ago turned into an agonizing event because of the misteps by the [ buyer's] lender. Throughout the entire process, you followed up with the various players and kept me informed as events unfolded. Frankly, I was ready to give up many times. Your encouragement and your follow-up kept me from doing what in hindsight was not the right thing.
I am very happy I used the services of a competent Realtor such as you. I appreciated your integrity and your ability to sympathize with my frustrations. I believe we reached a satisfactory end because of you..
We would like to express our appreciation to Phil and Joey Levy for listing and selling our home. They spent a great deal of time with us before listing the property to develop a crystal clear understanding of our objectives, the property’s condition and to help us understand the likely market value of our home. Once we decided to proceed with the sale they quickly posted the property on the multiple listing service including detailed coding of the property’ features and many high quality photographs. This resulted in multiple offers which they helped us negotiate resulting in a sale price that exceeded the listing price.

At all times Phil and Joey demonstrated a high sense of urgency and always quickly and thoroughly answered our questions and addressed our concerns. They understood our needs to quickly move through the escrow and contingency tasks and continuously kept us advised of the progress. Phil always sought to reassure us that the home would sell and that the transaction would close as expected while at the same time realistically explaining the obstacles.

We truly appreciate Phil and Joey’s high level of service and expertise in the sale of our home and would gladly recommend them to anyone seeking to buy or sell a home.
~Sam and Heather Shaw


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