Curtiss-Wright awarded $8 million contract

Curtiss-Wright granted million contract
Curtiss-Wright Controls inside Santa Clarita was granted an $ 8 million contract by Northrop Grumman Corporation for manufacturing updates to the Radar Airborne Signal Processing Solution – RASP – for employ inside the U.S. Air Force Joint Surveillance plus Target Attack Radar System – Joint Stars – system.
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Why Home Owners in Santa Clarita Are Selling Off Their Homes?

Southern California is the place to be. With the best of the best schools in South Clarita, many people look forward to staying here permanently. Most homeowners are selling their homes here because of the following reasons:

• Reason no.1: Families are becoming bigger and more folks have disposable incomes. The yard spaces are what people are looking for. Santa Clarita makes offers you just can’t refuse. For expanding families this place is no less than heaven. The kids can take classes they like and the community events make this a great place to live. No wonder people are selling homes in Santa Clarita like hot cakes.
• Reason no. 2: Many construction companies have built new communities in Santa Clarita which are attracting eye balls. Buying an old home makes no sense; their maintenance costs just go through the roof. Buying a brand new home could potentially save a buyer a lot of money. There are many options to choose from here in fact sellers can sell homes in Santa Clarita and purchase a new one.

• Reason no.3: If you are planning on retiring, Belacro is one of the most desirable places to enjoy retirement. Once you do reach that stage, it would make sense to look for a down sized house. A home without any stairs would be ideal. Many sellers would plan to sell homes in Santa Clarita looking to get the best deals in the market for the same.

• Reason no. 4 : Santa Clarita is perfect for doing business. Many multi-national companies swoop in on the opportunity of the potential market here. Many people have their jobs-relocated to this area and require homes to stay. Since there is a large demand, sellers can command a better selling price than what they should be getting. Another solid reason to sell homes in this area.

• Reason no. 5: The homeowners in this region have only recently got to know of the value of their property in the market. Earlier there was no awareness that they had equity but still the area is filled with discontent owners who still live here. These fellows are trying their best to get their loans modified or are either facing closure beforehand with a date of sale from their respective banks.

The best features are on offer in this town and there are so many reasons why people would love to sell homes in Santa Clarita and relocate within the same place.

4 Things No One Tells First Time Homebuyers in Santa Clarita

Gohomenew 4 Things No One Tells First Time Homebuyers in Santa Clarita buying articles


First time homebuyers in town are told a lot of things —
“Save your money,” their parents advise.
“Location, location, location!” their friend’s friend cautions.

Reasonable advice, for certain. But there some important elements of the home buying process which a typical local first time homebuyer doesn’t usually hear. I’ve listed some of the most important ones, in no particular order:


1.    Mortgage rates you see advertised aren’t usually what you get

The banner ads are everywhere online: “3.2% rates!” “No money down!” But the truth is, mortgage rates vary greatly. The only way you’ll know what rates you actually qualify for is to go through a complete mortgage application including credit pulls and income verification. One more point to consider: online mortgage calculators, while handy, can be deceptive if you do not factor in the real cost of tax, insurance and PMI when you’re looking at an FHA-loan.

2.    Every Tiny Bit of Debt Counts

Think that $1400 left on your Visa isn’t going to matter? Think again. Every iota of debt weighs in when your credit is scored. What many local first time homebuyers aren’t told is that when you apply for a mortgage, nearly every element of your financial history is going to be analyzed with a fine-toothed comb. All debt will be factored in as the bank figures out how much it is willing to lend. Standards have stiffened, so the earlier you dispose of even small issues, the better.

3.    Your Choice of Agent Makes All the Difference

Let me guess: your friend’s friend also has an agent to recommend (she carpools with his sister’s next door neighbor). There’s no reason you shouldn’t interview her: maybe that’s the right fit for you. But don’t just sign up with the first agent you find: this is a working relationship that can shape your family’s future. Your agent’s connections, experience, and market knowledge will be key — and can well make the difference between your writing an offer that gets accepted or not.
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Rehabbing Local Foreclosed Homes via FHA 203(k)

One of the key factors serious buyers eye when appraising foreclosed homes for sale in Santa Clarita is condition – the shape those properties have been left in. The Federal Housing Administration has weighed in with a program that can materially affect how that condition – good or bad – will finally affect the bottom line: it’s known as the FHA 203 (k).

If you are among those currently looking at a foreclosed homes for sale, the 203(k) can make a big difference.  Here are some points that might influence your decision:

First in line is whether the program is applicable. HUD tells us that for a local property to be eligible, it must be a one- to four-family dwelling that has been completed for at least one year. The number of units on the site must meet local zoning requirements. Furthermore, any and all newly-constructed units must be attached to the existing dwelling. Importantly, coops are out: cooperative units are not eligible.

The greatest effect is on Santa Clarita foreclosed homes for sale that need a lot of work. HUD guidelines indicate that properties that have been demolished, or will be taken down as part of the renovation, may be eligible — as long as at least some of the existing foundation remains.

As you might expect, none of this helpful news comes without some practical caveats. Although you may get this kind of FHA rehab help for a foreclosure, this is a labor-intensive type of loan requiring multiple appraisals (including “as-is” and “Value After Rehabilitation”), licensed contractor projections, and more. Since time factors are always important when dealing with a foreclosure, it’s important to choose your backup team carefully. You will need to select the right lender and consider enlisting a team consisting of a mortgage broker and real estate professional – both of whom have experience getting approval for FHA 203(k) loans. You want pros who understand the extra steps involved, not those who simply tell you what you want to hear.

Most likely, you will want to get actual pre-approval for the FHA loan (not just a prequalification letter).  There is a lot of additional paperwork involved, and you will want to avoid a last-minute scramble once your desired property is on the line.